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 “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”

[Albert Einstein]

Due to the creative process, we can innovate and turn crisis moments into great opportunities.

I’ve been leading teams
and contributing with:

Product process

Initiatives guided by a user-focused process ensure the discovery of efficient solutions for real problems.

Discover opportunities

Identify areas for improvement in products or processes via user research, market analysis, and competitive benchmarking to unveil growth opportunities.

Define solutions

Post-discovery, ideate and define solutions through design thinking, brainstorming, prototyping and aligning solutions with user needs and business objectives.


Test solutions with real users to gather feedback using usability tests, A/B tests or pilot launches to refine solutions before a full rollout.


Develop validated solutions into functional products. Employ Agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban for a collaborative and iterative development process.


Collect and analyze data to evaluate solution performance. Use KPIs, user feedback and analytics tools to assess objectives and inform future improvements.



I’m Douglas. Currently, a Senior Product Manager at Hotmart, leading a team responsible for retention of creators and consumers throughout the content experience journey. 

My role provides strategic and tactical guidance, emphasizing data-driven decisions, user engagement strategies and product optimization to achieve business goals.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve led design and engineering teams, evolving a blend of multidisciplinary skills. My journey began as a Product Designer, dedicating +7 years to early-stage startups. I was crucial in MVP development, user experience enhancement, and striving for product-market fit.

Transitioning to a Product Manager role, I’ve garnered experience across diverse sectors, including Health tech, Events, and the Creator Economy. My high abilities with User Experience, Data Analysis, Software Development, Product Management, Strategy, Leadership, Communication, and Negotiation have earned me recognition and invited new professional challenges.

Beyond my passion for my work, I am also an enthusiast of pets, gardening, astrology, and cooking. I really appreciate conversations about creativity, problem-solving, innovation, and the future of humanity.

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